Fourth Visit to Haiti – Day Two

Tuesday, July 12th – by Jim Fredericks

Tuesday morning we loaded up the bus and headed out to St. Damien’s early, but we quickly learned that travel in Haiti is unpredictable. We slowly wound our way up and down the narrow, hilly roads, navigating around people, potholes and debris. We arrived without incident and set to work. The director of operations at the hospital, arranged for us to have a room that we converted into a makeshift workshop that we could use to store our equipment and measure, cut and assemble the screens. 

We quickly set to work dividing up the tasks among the members of the group…some repaired old screens…some measured windows for new screens…some sawed wood…assembled the frames or installed the finished products. A team even set out to install additional rat and fly bait stations and perform simple exclusion with hardware cloth, expanding foam, and caulk.  In fact, we worked so efficiently that we exhausted our lumber supplies by noon! 

Energized by our progress, the team decided to walk to the orphanage to perform the work there while two people went with the driver to find more lumber (not an easy task in Haiti).  Three hours later, the lumber arrived, just as the team from the orphanage was returning from their work. Again the screen assembly line went to work cutting and hammering and stapling. By 5:00 the group had again exhausted their materials, and started the cleanup process.
The results:

  • More than 90 window protected from disease carrying flies and mosquitoes in high impact areas like, delivery rooms, neonatal care mares emergency rooms and surgery areas.
  • 100 rat bait stations installed
  • Dozens of fly bait stations installed
  • Perimeter pest control performed around the hospital and orphanage (including exclusion services)
  • Three Boucard Pest Control technicians trained in construction and installation of permanent screens

We all felt proud of the differences our work was enabling.



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One Response to Fourth Visit to Haiti – Day Two

  1. Jim, I think what you and your group did for these suffering people is great! I have friends who have been helping the people in Haiti before that terrible earthquake hit and still live there. These people have living conditions we can’t even imagine in America.
    Thanks for your hard work!
    Could you write about Bed Bugs in the future?

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