Ready to Go!

OK, so the trip is only three days on the ground in Haiti. But precautions for three days are the same as for three months. From vaccinations to clothing preparation and communications plans, we need to have as much as possible thought out. What is tough on us is that all we know is what we see on the online news groups and there is no guarantee that areas that we will assess are the same as those images…for better or worse. It is T-minus five hours and change until we head to Miami for an overnight to all gather and then off to Port au Prince. Shirts came in today…we will all wear blue NPMA shirts and these had to be treated with permethrin as in insect repellent. The specially formulated treatment is especially important near cuffs, collars, etc. It was quite a view looking at all of those shirts treated in NC prior to going to Miami.There is an image of the shirts drying on a line posted.

Treating shirts with permethrin based repellent formumated for clothing is a must.

Now for sure this is not your normal trip to the Caribbean. Yes, we’ll have sunglasses and sun block, but there will be no light summer novels in our packs during the day and there will be no rum drinks to be sipped facing the azure sea as hours slip away. It will be all business and work. Final check list: DEET, malaria pills, antibiotics, clothing treated with permethrin, water purification bottles, mosquito netting, duct tape, energy snacks, hats, boots, rain gear, plastic bags, flashlight, rubber gloves, earplugs (so tainted water doesn’t get into your ears during showers). Check, check, check.

DEET, Mosquito Nets, First Aid Kits, Water Filtering Systems...all necessary for Haiti

Ready to roll. Wish us luck! Next report will be while on our way to Haiti!

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