Assembling the Team

With such a monumental task before them, the Haitian people realize that our industry will be able to provide assistance and help train but performing pest management nationwide is something that is virtually impossible for our industry. The intent of the invitation from the Minister of the Environment is to advice and assess pest management needs. We did have an opportunity to talk with a member of NPMA based in the Port au Prince area, Terry Boucard and her coworkers. Terry was instrumental in briefing NPMA on the situation and also coordinating efforts within Haiti, finding accommodations, and handling logistics. NPMA is very grateful for efforts of the Boucards. As events unfolded, we did find that our efforts would be focused on structural pests. Mosquito control was being handled by a vector task force and coordinated by the government of Haiti, CDC, and Mentor Initiative. Mentor is a non-profit dedicated to malaria control throughout the world, especially in the aftermath of natural disasters.  We did our homework by talking with Mentor’s Haiti director, Michael Alberts. He briefed us on what to expect in terms of safety, disease, and daily life in Haiti.

With this information, we assembled a team. Each person has a particular expertise. The group includes:

NPMA president Raleigh Jenkins, ABC Pest and Lawn

Rob Lederer, Chief of Operations in Haiti and NPMA EVP

Greg Baumann, Coordinator of Technical Ops in Haiti and NPMA VP Technical Services

Trevor Lubbert, Technical,  National Institutes of Health

Bob Young, Technical and Ops, Terminix

Frank Meek, Technical, Orkin

Ward Combs, Ops, Rentokil

Tom Nishimura, Technical, BASF

Chris Foster, Videographer

Joe Hope, Technical, Bayer

Lee Whitmore, Technical and Ops, Fumigation, Beneficial Exterminating

John Koengetter, Videographer

Terry Clark, Technical, Clark Pest Control

Phil Pierce, Technical, Western Pest Services

Following multiple calls, the group was ready to put the plan into place.

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