A Plea for Help Comes from Haiti

Haiti was hit by a major earthquake in January, killing some 230,000 people. When the call came that NPMA’s offer to help on pest issues in Haiti was enthusiastically accepted by the Ministry of the Environment in Haiti, we were gratified to say the least. This industry has so much to offer in terms of expertise and help regarding pests. Once we confirmed with the Haitian government and a member of NPMA in Haiti, we were set to assemble the team. There were dozens of people who have volunteered to help; but, the initial request is for evaluation and assessment only. We assembled a team, each with their own expertise in pest management and the team is a combination of operations and technical experts. Going into the project, we all knew that the stakes are high and Haiti is a dangerous place both in terms of personal safety and disease. Yet, all of us jumped at the chance to help, knowing full well that this is not going to be a Caribbean vacation. This is a matter of life and death for many Haitian people. Now the preparation begins.

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